KOYO ZINC Corporation


Among the base metals, Zinc is the second most produced after and copper, and is indispensable for corrosion prevention (galvanization) of steel products.

In addition, it has a lower melting point than iron, aluminum and copper, so it is used as a raw material for die-casting alloys.
As for the other, It is also used as a zinc can that doubles as a case in manganese batteries and as zinc powder in alkaline batteries.


Regarding the recycling of zinc, since the use of zinc is concentrated in galvanized steel sheets for automobiles and home appliances, the amount of bulk zinc scrap is low, and the recycling rate is hovering between 20 and 30%, which is not as advanced as that of other base metals such as copper and lead.
We are in the business of recovering recycled materials and recycling them into ingots. We will actively participate in global efforts to transform our advanced economy and society into a sustainable one by recycling usable metals and making effective use of energy.

Applications and Use Cases

Applications Use Cases Zinc Content Product Name
Brass Rod Industrial Machinery and Tools, Precision Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment 98% min High Grade
Hot-dip Galvanizing Marine Equipment, Building Materials for Scaffolding, Pole Line Hardwire 98% min High Grade
Brass Deformed Rods Construction Materials, Commodities 98% min High Grade
Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Rubber, Paints, Medical, Printing Inks, Pigments 93-96% Middle Grade
Zinc Dust Paints, Dyes, Pharmaceuticals, Yuzen, Oils and Fats, Plating 93-96% Middle Grade