KOYO ZINC Corporation


We must take into account our responsibility and contribution to society, and in everything we do, we must work together every day to earn the enduring trust of our customers.

Company's Feature

Achievements cultivated over 65 years in business
We started in 1952 as remalted zinc refining business and have accumulated many achievements up to the present day.

Proposals for products that meet your requirements
We provide a series of services to materialize your ideas, from prototypes to commercialization.

Top Massage

In the world of metal materials, technological innovation is remarkable. New materials and technologies are being created one after another and continue to evolve. In order to respond to this evolution, it is important to have "expert knowledge", "responsive technical skills", "creativity" and "flexibility".

We have a long history and a lot of achievements, and we are able to meet all of our customers' needs by "fusion of knowledge and ideas". We will respond to your request. And we hope to continue to evolve as a partner in response to our customers' trust.

KOYO ZINC Corporation
Takeshi Morita President